Environmental Management System

The Quality Policy, together with the Environmental Policy, are Scrigno’s instruments for guiding the Company along its path of continuous innovation and achieving its increasingly ambitious goals. Sustainability is thus one of the main levers for development, also in terms of the environmental and energy performance of our production sites.

To this end, Scrigno has established an Environmental Management System based on the ISO 14001:2015 certification - achieved in 2021 - and has adopted a risk-based thinking system.

In confirmation of the Company's sensitivity to principles of Circular Economy, its processes have been reorganised to monitor and reduce primary material and packaging consumption and waste, and increase energy efficiency.
Finally, operative procedures have been introduced to guarantee greater safety for people, in compliance with the new ISO 45001 standard, with certification under way.

SCRIGNO is a manufacturing company, and as such we are aware that our economic activities have repercussions on the environment. But we are also a responsible company, with our eyes set on the future. This is why we have chosen to commit to ensuring the long-term development of our company in respect of nature and the well-being of people. In line with this commitment, at the start of the year we appointed an Environmental Manager, tasked with working with management to develop and implement the SCRIGNO Sustainability Plan. This orientation is palpable in all areas of company life, resulting in numerous projects. Innovation, reducing environmental impact, the safeguarding of resources and initiatives in favour of the community and inclusion, are key elements along the path towards the integration of ESG elements within our organisation.

We are a solid and well-structured company. We have reaped the benefits of our management style, even in a year as tough as 2020, during which we chose to implement a growth plan for internal lines, with investments in innovation, including over half a million euros for sustainability.

A philosophy which, in line with the new mission of “producing excellent opening systems that make people's lives more comfortable and contribute towards living comfort”, is concretely pursued with the achievement of increasingly high production standards. These are the results of a process combining research with the use of the best materials and application of the most advanced technologies. In detail, the drive to reach the highest levels of excellence is confirmed by our very own Smart Factory, transformation and the adoption of the lean method, in order to cut cycle times and triple production capacity. In detail, a new frame packaging plant has been recently inaugurated at Scrigno facilities 2 and 3 in Savignano sul Rubicone, in the province of Forlì-Cesena, respectively dedicated to the fulfilment of 96% of total production of standard sizes and custom systems, for 7 million semi-finished products in total. The system, which will be further reinforced during the year, integrates robotic and anthropomorphised devices and an automatic frame transfer solution, with state-of-the-art factory management software.