A door on a better world

In the awareness that our economic activities have an environmental impact, Scrigno sponsors numerous events and projects to promote the use of special talents for ethical objectives. “A door on a better world” is particularly worthy of mention in this sense, pursued in partnership with YACademy, Academy of international architecture and Mario Cucinella, one of the most important contemporary interpreters of ecosustainable architecture.

An experiential laboratory which in addition to stimulating students in the creation of a work that will be installed in the ArteSella park of contemporary art, looks to future generations, finding its concrete expression in the environmental requalification of an area with a high level of criticality, by participating in its replanting.

Lastly, OpenToMe is another significant project which celebrates diversity through the experience of authentic people with the courage to follow their dreams with determination, becoming an example for the community.

Sustainability and community are inseparably bound together in the promotion of a kind of growth which considers attention to the environment and principles of responsibility as long-term competitive edges. Never before have these values been so necessary: as a leading company in one of the sectors that is reacting the fastest to global challenges, we are ready to make our contribution towards the relaunch of Italian industry.
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