Management of Reports (Whistleblowing)

Welcome to our Whistleblowers Section, a dedicated space for promoting transparency, integrity, and accountability within the Scrigno Group. We acknowledge the importance of creating a safe and open environment where all employees, executives, collaborators, and all the stakeholders can raise concerns related to illegal or unethical behaviors or actions contrary to our values.

Our Whistleblowing Policy:

The Scrigno Group's whistleblowing policy has been developed with the aim of encouraging honest and good-faith reporting. We recognize the courage required to make a report, and we are committed to protecting those who choose to do so.

For this reason, the Scrigno Group has established rules to ensure a secure and confidential channel for reporting potential non-compliance with the rules outlined in the Code of Ethics, the Organizational and Management Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001, Group policies and procedures, and, in general, violations of laws and/or regulations.

Our policy covers a wide range of concerns, including:
  1. Illegal Behaviors: Reports of illegal activities or violations of applicable laws and regulations.
  2. Unethical Conduct: Behaviors contrary to ethical principles and fundamental values of the Scrigno Group.
  3. Violations of Company Policies: Actions that violate internal policies of the Scrigno Group.
  4. Corruption and Fraud: Reports of corrupt practices or fraudulent activities.
  5. Discrimination and Harassment: Discriminatory behaviors or harassment in the workplace.

The Scrigno Group encourages the reporting of irregularities in good faith and does not tolerate false or harassing statements, mere suspicions or rumors, personal complaints, or claims.

Reports should be submitted by completing a specific form using the Reporting Management Portal, accessible at the following link:

While the above-mentioned channel is the preferred choice, it is alternatively possible to submit a report through the following methods:
• Send a written letter addressed to:
Whistleblowing Scrigno Group
Via Casale Sant'Ermete, 975
47822 Santarcangelo di Romagna RN